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General questions
The Nistue© platform by AfyaPress is a health surveillance and monitoring tool based on medical statistical modelling and analysis. The surveillance system allows institution to monitor and track the health and risk of their students and staff with regard to COVID-19.
Nistue© works through:
  1. a web-based application (
  2. an automated SMS bot for self-reporting symptoms through shortcode 23080
The shortcode is TOLL FREE on SAFARICOM lines, you will NOT be charged for messages sent. The Web-app is accessible on both mobile and desktop and 2-way SMS is available on Safaricom lines ONLY.
By every child consistently self-reporting through the Nistue platform provides the school with a collective view of the health status of its members allowing appropriate and timely interventions that can reduce the chances of disease spread.

It is therefore VERY important that each parent plays their part in keeping the school community safe by remaining consistent with self-reports.
The steps involved are simple:
  • Set up an account on using your child's school admission number
  • Sign in and complete account profile (confirm contact details)
  • Periodically self-report through SMS and start protecting your child and your family
Remember to be vigilant about the symptoms suggested.
It works by screening for COVID-19 symptoms and applying novel analytic techniques to the data to: identify/track spread of disease, identify at risk individuals and where appropriate link them to care in a rapid, secure and dignified manner.
Your health information is exclusively visible and accessible to:
  • The user (staff/student/parent) themselves
  • The designated medical directors involved in coordination of the school’s infection and prevention control
Nistue is designed to secure the private health data of the clients while providing a dignified and discreet way to handle COVID-19 triage and screening within the school.
You will be contacted by the health coordinators if your symptom report meets the minimum criteria for the COVID-19 case definition. This contact is aimed at further screening to provide greater context to the report and enable appropriate actions and linkage to care as need be.

You will also be contacted by the school if your self-reporting is not up to date in a manner that affects the consistency school wide screening.
You are prompted to self-report every three days. The Nistue© system automated SMS bot is always ACTIVE, meaning parents can elect to log the results however many times as they see fit, the prompts are only reminders.
No, you can add MULTIPLE children to ONE email account. Register the first child and then login and select "add student" on the landing page.

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