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AfyaPress Africa is a health innovation company focused on building solutions to maximize the localised tacit knowledge and technical capacity of the Global South in solving Africa's context specific problems. AfyaPress provides capacity during the design, implementation, and evaluation of innovations in Africa.

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AfyaPress Africa also has a portfolio of innovative digital health products currently in different phases of development and implementation in Kenya. These serve not only as products in themselves but also as adoption tools that assist in the introduction of novel technologies in the region.


A disease surveillance tool being used to slow and curb the spread of COVID-19 using novel disease spread modelling techniques. For Schools and Learning Institutions.

Design consultancy

Human-centered approach to designing systems from the ground up, thinking of the needs of the end user throughout the lifecycle.

Implementation capacity building

Project planning, management and for innovation deployment.

Health technology evaluation

Consultancy on adoption, business development among other aspects of digital health product rollout ensuring a perfect fit.

Core Team

Meet our vibrant team of young minds.

Dr. Ryan Nyotu BSc Physiology (Hons) MBChB. M.Phil. Health Innovation

Founder, CEO

Leina Meoli

Co-Founder, Head of Technology (Mandela Rhodes Scholar 2022, UCT)

Kemi Olimba B. Eng, MBA

Business Development Lead


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